Melanesian Tours offers a huge range of tours and activity options. Efate may be a small Island but it provides an incredible amount of tours and activities for all visitors. Melanesian Tours supports all local tours that meet our standards of service, reliability and product quality. Melanesian Tours supports and encourages local communities and individuals to provide quality tours that will ensure you as their customer enjoy and benefit from the tours they provide. The options of tours are enormous.
Examples are

Around Island Tour

The 'Circle Efate Tour' is a fantastic day out for couples and families. Many tourist say it was their best day in Vanuatu and great value with friendly cheerful host & driver, lots to see and experience and knowing that this tour helps contribute to the improvements of the environment, the local villages, schools and small local businesses.

After being picked up from your Port Vila Hotel you are treated to a host of new experiences and visit the most popular sites on the Island including- Blue Lagoon, a traditional Market Garden, a River Canoe ride to the sacred rocks, a living village with traditional and modern houses, local small businesses such as bakery, village meeting house and village school, Blue Water turtles, hot water springs and therapeutic mud pools, Havana Harbour for some good snorkelling and a short stop to try some Kava.

Snorkels, masks and reef shoes are provided along with Lunch, morning, afternoon tea, light refreshments and fresh fruit to make a complete tour package. We only use our air conditioned coaches for this tour to give you better comfort, viewing and accessibility during the tour. No other around island tour provides you with this sort of coach or as many stops during the tour.

This is a 'MUST DO' tour for all visitors to Vanuatu

Cultural Village Tour

The Ekasup Culture Village Tour is a half day of entertainment, Cultural experience and Discovery. You learn about the traditional ways of custom villages including cooking, growing crop, using forest plants for food and medicine, fishing, village customs, and traditional house building. The most fascinating thing I have seen is them using a Golden Orb spider to make a fish hook from its web. And amazingly it really works - wow!!

They also have a great Melanesian Feast on Friday nights, where you can experience cultural foods cooked and prepared in the traditional ways while you are entertained by a great string band and some traditional warrior dances.

Scuba diving

There is a great choice of skilled dive operators in Vanuatu. Diving ranges from reef dives, wreck dives, caves and night dives. The water is crystal clear and the fish& coral reef life is incredible.


Again the choice is endless, great reefs teaming with fish. The water is always warm so you can spend hours swimming around and enjoying the marvels of the coral reefs.

It is so fascinating and so much fun you have to keep reminding yourself to come up for air!!

Lazy days at the beach

The best beaches are out of Port Vila city area but there is a great choice of beautiful warm white sand beaches, to laze away the Day with a string band playing in the back ground and a BBQ lunch being cooked for you while you relax and enjoy your day.

We have a choice of half day and full day beach tours. The full day tour to Nguna Island is a day to a stunningly beautiful beach and Village on a small outer Island off north Efate. Here you can enjoy lazing on the beach with the sound of a string band to entertain you. Enjoy a BBQ lunch fresh fruits and or wander through one of the most scenic villages in Vanuatu, swim and snorkel in the pristine waters of the marine reserve just off the beach where there are giant clams a great variety of marine live and in season you can see the giant sea turtles waiting for night to come ashore to lay their eggs in the beach sands.

The half day tour take you to the beautiful 'Blue Lagoon' for some great swimming and fun on a Tarzan swing and then to 'Eton Beach' one of the most popular beaches on Efate Island to enjoy the sandy ocean beach or swimming in the water tunnel and then cooling off in the clear waters of the river that flows on to the beach. This is a magical place.

The 'Blue Lagoon Eton Beach tour' is a highly popular with cruise ships tourist looking for an enjoyable beach day in Port Vila before returning to the CBD for a little duty free shopping. If you have a group going on a cruise to Port Vila you must pre-book this tour with us prior to leaving home. (Min of 6 persons required)

Sunset cruises

There are a choice of cruises either on the harbour or on the lagoon. You can choose to go for a relaxing Ketch cruise with live soft music as you tour the harbour of Port Vila then head out to the bay entrance as the sunsets on the horizon. Sip on a glass of wine and enjoy some finger food while cruising.

Or if you wish for something more lively and have a group try 'The Barge Lagoon Cruise' here there is a bar on boards and BBQ food to enjoy while you Karaoke the night away and soak up the scenery of the Erakor Lagoon. This is the lagoon with most of the Port Vila Hotels on its shores along with some of the top houses in Port Vila. This is a great evening and night time scenic cruise.

Eco walks, riding, kayaking

Explore the country close up, discover hidden water falls, rivers and interest plant & bird life. The options are fantastic.

The Mele Cascades

A fantastic half day of exploring streams and garden pools up to a great waterfall.

Discover Port Vila

Discover the history, culture, scenic views, the Museum, the arts & craft and the fruit & vegetable market that make Port Vila the favourite stop for cruise ships in the Pacific.

See a live Volcano

On Tanna Island (1 hour flight south from Port Vila) No where else in the world can you stand on the edge of a volcano and watch it blow lava and ash out of the volcano core. The sight is even more spectacular at night. The glow of the hot lava and rocks and the explosive forces that send out shock ways that almost knock you off your feet. The experience is incredible and one you will remember & cherish for life.

Explore dive Tourist experience vanuatu

A sunken Cruise ship that hit a mine during the war, or, the huge dump site or WW2 equipment (trucks, bulldozers, armored vehicles, tank carriers) that the Americans pushed into the sea. (On Santo Island , 1 hour flight north of Port Vila).

Adventure tours

Port Vila has a great range of adventure tour such as abseiling, cave exploring, Para sailing, surfing, sailing, zorbing.

Game fishing

There is a good range of boats available in Vanuatu for big game fishing, the abundance of game fish makes it very rear for a boat to return without a flag showing the great catches for the day. The charter rates are good and we can organize shared charters for you.

Local fishing

If big game fish is not for you try fishing with the locals in a banana boat. You catch can be just as exciting for fish such as Wahoo & small tuna. Most local fishing trips will also let you keep some fish for your self as well.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a good option of riding tours for the novice or the experienced rider. Bush rides, beach rides, swim with horses, trail rides waterfall ride. All include a guide to ensure you get back safely

Plus much more. Melanesian Tours can arrange it all for you. No matter what you budget we can make a program to suit your needs including of course some leisure time to unwind & relax.

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